About us

We are Stone Wall Team are committed and focused on the provision of the best stone walls that suit a wide range of the market requirements for our stone wall customers. We have ample experience, innovation and the right technology and tools to produce and design stone walls as the customer would want. We have the best working conditions for our employees and the best customer service for our customers, we ensure the customers get their products at the right time and the best quality since that’s one of our core values.

Commitment to excellence

Stone Wall Team is committed to sustainability and acting in environmental friendly ways. We ensure that our products are environmental friendly. Stonewalls are natural and do not affect the environment in any way.

Stone Wall Team is also committed to coming up with new stone wall designs for our customers. We always put emphasis on innovation and excellence. Stone Wall Team has put in a lot of funds in research and innovation in improvement and curving stone wall designs which are more competitive and attractive to our clients. Stone Wall Team also ensures that the products we produce are of excellent quality and they match the customers’ specifications.

Stone Wall Team is also committed to doing well to its employees, the customers and the society at large, through better remuneration, quality products at fair prices and social responsibility.

Our core values

Our core values at Stone Wall Team include;


We at Stone Wall Team always ensure we produce goods of the highest quality and that we always deal in genuinegoods. We never compromise on the quality of the stone walls and their accessories and always ensure that our products have met all the standards set by the various bodies.


We ensure that the products we offer to our customers have no health hazards. We also ensure that our customers are always advised on how to handle the stones during installation. We also offer protective gear if the customers want to do installation on their own. Stone Wall Team ensures that our workers apply all the safety requirements such as having the required attire while working and having a standby medical team in case of any accidents in the factory or site.


Stone Wall Team holds itself accountable for all the activities that go on when on site or at the factory. We ensure that the customer specifications and preferences are met when curving out the designs of the stone walls. We also ensure all mistakes are corrected and ensure that the customers are satisfied with our services and products.


Stone Wall Team also ensures that there is a balance between work and other activities such as social responsibilities. Stone Wall Team ensures that during holidays we involve ourselves in helping the needy and having fun together as the Stone Wall Team family. We also engage in staff talks, parties and shows which bring us together as a team.

Encouragement to our employees

Stone Wall Team encourages empowerment by sponsoring employees who are focused and passionate about their jobs to further their education and skills in their areas of specialization.

Customers can always get in touch with us on 888-389-4635 and you will get the best customer service to give advice and quotations for projects that would need our services.

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