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We at Stone Wall Team define S tone walls as masonry construction using stone which brings out strong and durable. We use stone materials to make walls for homes, schools and institutions and even factories. Wealways bring out the best end products for all our customers. stone walls provided by Stone Wall Team aremainly made of local materials varying from limestone and flint to granite and sandstone. However, the quality of building stone varies greatly, both in its endurance to weathering, resistance to water penetration and in its ability to be worked into regular shapes before construction. Worked stone is usually known as ashlar, and is often used for corners in stone buildings. Granite is very resistant to weathering, while some lime stones are very weak.


Dimensions of stone walls

stone wall dimensions mainly depend on the structurewhere the wall is being put, the bigger the structure the bigger the bigger the wall and the more the stones will be used in setting up the stone wall. Large structures are usually made of very thick walls, so that castles and cathedrals possess walls which may be up to 12 feet thick. They normally consist of a layered stone exterior and rubble infill.


Advantages of stone walls

stone walls are mainly preferred by many customers due to the durability and stability. Stone Wall Team deals in the best and high quality stones which always ensure that the stone wall made from these stones is a symbol of stability and excellence. stone walls are also harsh weather resistant, they can withstand storms, winds and high or cold temperatures.stone walls are also used to provide security and protection from entry by intruders.

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Weat Stone Wall Team provide different designs of stone walls in order to satisfy the different tastes of customers; these include the Mooloolaba House stone wall design comes in differentcolors and is mainly done near home entrances, Kube architecture is another type of design which comes with a deck for narrow linear space.its made of beautiful sculpture stones and comes in grey color and decors.

Other stone wall designs in Stone Wall Team include the Tim Davies Landscaping which is a nice stone wall design which comes with water features and screened boundaries. We also have a design known as the Nemo which is made of premium natural stone which comes in a golden white color, it’s beautiful and can even be used in indoor walls. The other well-known stone wall design in Stone Wall Team is the Brenda Olde design which comes in different wall texturing, it has an open feeling and can be used to divide rooms.

stone walls from Stone Wall Team have always been recognized as the best and brilliant accessory to a garden or a backyard, stone walls are quintessentially a type of masonry construction which has been built for decades now, actually centuries. Albeit, building a stone wall may be an enormously laborious job, it is a smart move because it adds a unique touch to your property. stone walls will continue to dominate the wall market due to the different designs and colors that stone walls can come with.

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